Upload Your Story

Every single one of us are walking, talking stories. We are telling a story of some kind with every choice and action we take. We believe because of Jesus, our stories are worth sharing. We are walking, talking stories that reveal Jesus. And because of that we must fight the thought that our stories are “boring” or “not worthy.” They are all important and they all tell something unique and important because they are stories informed and inspired by God.

We want to hear more stories. We want to hear your story. Use the link below (click the icon) to upload your story. All of it. Part of it. Whatever you’d like to share. Take your phone, turn it around and hit record.

Click the icon below to upload your story video. You should be prompted for your name and email at upload. Note, if you upload from your phone, you’ll probably need to turn off “auto lock” during the upload process.

 If you upload to your YouTube, you can send the link to travis.akins@mrcc.org