Let Go

I should have expected it. The day after Plugged In where we looked at the Life Hack of letting go or fasting, I have this at work:


A day to let go and, of course, it would be extra difficult.

Letting go of a need or desire or known distraction in our walk with God is never easy. Never. Nonetheless, we should practice this life hack of letting go. Why? Because when we let go or empty ourselves, we are actually filling ourselves with the things of Heaven. With the ways of the Kingdom.

Read John 4 for further reading and insight into this importance. Click Here

Jesus does it, yes. And we want to be more like him, yes. But why does Jesus tell the woman about living water? Why does that same Jesus, who it would seem is fasting at that time, tell his followers that his food is to do the will of God? Because, Jesus is practicing letting go. And letting go (or fasting) is where we are actually filled.

Doesn’t make sense. I know. Try it anyways. Let go of a meal. A practice. A comfort. But don’t just let go of it, replace it with intentional time with God. Don’t eat lunch and spend that time you would have been eating praying, reading scripture, listening to worship music, breath prayer, etc.

It’ll be hard because without fail someone will fill the table outside your office with goodies and treats. But, in a similiar way to what Jesus said in John 4:14, that food will fill you up, but you’ll be hungry all over again soon. Time with God. Intentional focus on God. Letting go and emptying myself to think about God, will stay with me forever.

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