Breath Prayer

This Week’s Life Hack: BREATH

We all have it. We all need. We all do it. How can we use our breath to improve and deepen our spiritual walks? Use your breathing to pay attention and focus on God through a BREATH PRAYER.

What is a breath prayer? Connecting a simple one sentence prayer to your breathing.

When we do this, we are paying attention to our breathing, which causes us to slow down and then allows us to pay attention to the moment we are in. Our hope then is to spend those moments with God praying from our hearts more than our mouths.

This is so much of our prayers and spiritual lives:


We exhale. And then we exhale some more. We talk and we talk. We spit out more and more of what we think and what we want. If we were to think of our spiritual lives as breathing, we are really, really good at exhaling. We are generally very poor at inhaling. And, without making to bold a claim here, we need to inhale and exhale. Life only happens when they work together.

We need to allow the Spirit of God back into our spiritual lives. In other words, we need to inhale the Spirit rather than exhale whatever it is we want to say or do. Breath prayer gives us the opportunity to slow down and inhale.

Try it out.

Be sure you are in a place to concentrate on your breathing. Secondly, be sure you are sitting up straight. Feet on the ground. You may want to puff your chest out where your shoulders are almost trying to touch to help your posture. It opens up your breathing and that’s what we want to pay attention to.

In this, you will slowly breathe in your nose. Hold for a second then slowly release through your mouth. Standard slow breathing protocol here.

As you do this and as a way to concentrate further, you will say in your head a simple one sentence prayer. Half the sentence is said as you breathe in. The second half said as you slowly breathe out. Try this sentence as a starting place:


As you slowly breathe in, say in your head, “Father in heaven.”

Then as you slowly breath out, say in your head, “I belong to you.”

Try it for at least three minutes. Set a phone timer if you need to, but try it!

Breath prayer, as you may have noticed in your practice, requires concentration. Something I know I need. We all need more of in our spiritual lives. We may breathe without ever thinking about it, but when you do pay attention to your breath rhythm and flow, you have to concentrate. And when you align that to a short, simple prayer you must concentrate. Notice how you inhale the Father. Then you exhale a simple reminder or decleration to Him. That is breath. That is life.

You breathe everyday. Use what you already have, re-purpose it and make it a spritual benefit that inhales more directly the Spirit of God. Happy breathing!


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