Life Hacks

Life Hacks are awesome. Life Hacks are small things you can do- with items already in your life- that create a better way to live. You take foil and wrap up your ice cream to save your ice cream longer. You can take filing desk piece and turn it into a kitchen spice organizer. Take an uncooked spaghetti stick and light it for candle lighting.

Things you already have, that can be re-purposed and used to create a better way to live. Life Hacks.

We have embarked on a new study in our Wednesday night Plugged In all about Life Hacks. But, not ways to preserve ice cream (though that would be a worthy effort on all our parts), but spiritual life hacks. Things we already have in our lives today, that can be re-purposed spiritually to create a better way to live.

Let’s do life better. And let’s not overthink it. We all have the ability and position in our lives today to grow in our realtionship with God. To deepen our faith walks. To be more intentional in how we engage our Father on a spiritual level. So, let’s life hack together.

Check back, book-mark or whatever it is you do to life hack along with us. Each Wednesday night through March we will focus on a new life hack. Here on this site we will follow up with that weeks’ specific life hack and try to add further ideas or thoughts. Our hope and our goal is be closer to Jesus. When we are close to him, we are more like him in our lives and daily walk.

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