Back on Track

I want to thank Mandy Lewis for this encouraging post in our DAILY series. Mandy is married to Aaron and they have two little boys. They are a great family and I’m appreciative of Mandy for her honesty and encouragement to us all.

So making time daily to spend in devotion, prayer, reading the Bible has been a struggle I have had for years! I use to be really good at it & had a routine but life got busy & I kept filling my time with other things.

I have tried countless times to get back in a routine, I have attempted {and failed} multiple times reading the Bible in its entirety. My Bible app is full of unfinished plans (from the same Bible app we are using) that are only a week or less long. Needless to say I was needing/searching for something to get me on track.

So when Travis presented the idea at Plugged In of everyone doing a plan together at the same time  and getting into a daily routine it appealed to me. (And I have successfully finished the first weeks reading plan!)

I did not magically find more time in my day. Actually, quite the opposite. I am probably the busiest I have ever been being a mom of 2 adorable little fellas. I didn’t find a “routine” necessarily, but what I think has and will keep me on track  is the accountability of doing it with a group of people. I like the idea that a room full of people during the week are reading the same study and then we get to come back & discuss it.

Here’s a quote from the plan Visioneering that I really liked,

“Most importantly, remember that there is divine potential in all that God has put in your heart to do. The end of a God-ordained vision is God. His glory is the ultimate agenda. Allow your heavenly Father to exploit the visions you are pursuing for his glory”

My hope is that this practice gets me back into being in the word daily.

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