Hope in the Brevity of Life

With Phil’s lesson from last night and recent terrorist attacks, here are some thoughts from Randy Alcorn. Alcorn is the author of Heaven which explores the brevity of life. In this post he is specifically responding to the Paris terrorist attacks, but as you’ll see the message is (unfortunately) still timely.

From the post:

It might seem that acknowledging we aren’t in control would raise our level of fear. But that’s not true. Recognizing God’s in control should allow us to relax, resting in His sovereignty.


The hope of God’s people’s shouldn’t be the illusion that we won’t suffer. Our hope should be in Jesus Christ, and that one day God will end our suffering (Revelation 21:4). Our hope should be in the fact that nothing in this world or outside it—no tragedies or accidents or terrorist attacks or anything else—shall separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:38-39).

Read the entire post by clicking here

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