New Life. Always.

One of the great tear jerkers of all time is the start of the movie UP! It’s also a reminder of just how quickly life moves. How fast our stories progress. In the fast paced story of our lives, there are terrific moments and sad moments. Great and hard. But, much like is depicted, no matter how quickly it may move along, it is a wonderful and full story.

You can watch some clips from UP! below.

Here’s another truth we can take away: in Jesus Christ there are no endings. No obstacles to great. No moments too large. When we live our stories through the intersection of Jesus Christ, the stories we live point to an eternal, life giving, next chapter renewal.

Carl, in UP! has a new chapter. A new life. A renewed story. We have the same idea in Christ. Newness. New mission. And the obstacles and hurts are never the ending. Jesus renews and brings life beyond.

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UP! opening links are below and can not be embedded. Sorry 😦
Young Carl and Ellie meet
Life together

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