I would come home and my little girl, about 18 months old at the time, would be waiting for me. With her book. For several weeks, she was there. Waiting. With the same book. And every day I would come in and pick her up and take the book and we would sit down and read the book. Five nursery rhymes. I’d read the five and then we do it all over again.

She loved the stories. She was captivated by these stories. She couldn’t get enough of hearing these riveting stories of Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Georgie Porgie and others. That’s what great stories do. They capture us and whisk us away to a new place and one we don’t want to leave.

You are a walking, talking story. You are sharing some story every day. When you do this or that. When you say this or that. A story is being shared and really the question we must ask ourselves is, “Is the story I am sharing the story that matters most?”

We learn a lot by listening to stories. We can captivated into a world, a place and even a time we never thought we could visit. It’s the story. The dynamic and the person that brings us to that place. And when we live in a central truth that our stories have intersected with the life-giving story of Jesus, the depth and honesty of our stories ought to come alive. They become the same story where Christ moves us, drives us, motivates us and informs our story making actions and choices.

First, let’s listen. Be attentive to the stories around you. Hear how God is revealing himself in the stories of others. Secondly, let’s reflect. Be attentive to your own story and in particular where your story intersected with Jesus and changed forever. Thirdly, let’s share. Be attentive to your faith journey and the opportunities that it’s able to inform, but also be spoken to those we are with.

Stories are all around us and I want to know if I’m sharing the story that matters most to me and the world around me.

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